On #WorldPressFreedomDay AMWJU & EGM strongly condemns the biasness and arrogant attitude of Kengu Juringla,Kamjong DC towards media persons.

Source: IT News Services

The All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) and the Editors’ Guild, Manipur (EGM) strongly condemns the biasness and arrogant attitude of DC of Kamjong DC, Kengu Juringla towards media persons. DC Juringla banned a team of media persons, comprising of ISTV News, Impact TV News, News 18, etc from covering the search operation for the remaining two dead bodies in Ramrei today.  However, a particular media house’s team was allowed to cover the search operation along with the official search teams by taking a boat in the waters.

The DC wrongly blamed the media for uploading video clips of recovery of the first dead body yesterday in the social media making them go viral. In fact, it’s not the media but those in the search teams who uploaded the video clips in the social media.

What’s more shocking is that the DC did not even allow coverage of the search by a Drone camera from air.

Such biased and high-handed attitude of the DC, especially on World Press Freedom Day, deserves condemnation in the strongest term by all sections of media and society. AMWJU and EGM appeal to the Government of Manipur to look into the matter and take appropriate action thereof.