Imphal International Airport collapsed, list of injured person in details


1. Heikrujam Ibotomba Singh(28) S/O H. Ingocha of Sanjenbam Village
Injury- abrasion on left face, elbow

2. Naoroibam Manglemjao(30) s/O N. Mangoljao Singh of Lambal awang leikai
Injury- abrasion on the face, back pain

3. Wahengbam Abungcha (25) s/O W. Kamo Singh of Arong nongmaikhong
Injury- back side head, complain back pain

4. Wahengbam Dhaneshwor Singh (27) s/O W. Nimai of do
Injury- bleeding on the chin

5. Angom Mithun(30) s/O A. Noren of Wangoo
Injury-swelling in right ankle, swelling in left wrist

6. Samom Nongpoknganba s/O S. Dhaka of Arong village
Injury- forearm and wrist

7. Khundongbam Gopi (29) s/O K. Hemant of Sanjenbam
Injury- in the face
8. Vishwamitra of Luker
Injury- bleeding on the face (critical condition)
From serial no. 1 to 7 are all concious and the last one ie no. 8 is serious condition