Manipur Muslim Girl Student Rape and murdered brutally in Pune, Maharashtra. #JusticeForMahima

A 17 years old Young Manipuri girl called Mahima Khan was brutally rape and killed on last Sunday evening in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Her death body was found near Khadki Railway Station.

Why our national media are silent on this? Why everyone silent on this?

Because she is from North-East? Or She is a Manipuri??? OR she is not cute? OR she is a Muslim?

Share this to reach all national media for the justice of #MahimaKhan.

Mr. Uddhav Thackeray, Mr Ajit Pawar, I feel atleast she deserve justice. Why Maharashtra Government still silent on this? How long you going to cover this?

#JusticeForMahima #HangTheRapists