MPCC Demands Disqualification of 12 Parliamentary Secretaries

Seeking disqualification of 12 ruling MLAs who were appointed as the Parliamentary Secretaries by the BJP government, the Manipur Congress party approached Election Commission of India. The delegation was led by Manipur Congress Incharge Bhakta Charan Das.#GuardianOfDemocracyIsDestroyingDemocracy

Inphal, the 2nd Feb: The team of Congress MLAs led by Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Okram Ibobi who are currently at Delhi will expose the matter to National media tomorrow, added the Congress MLAs. They said that they do not need to meet the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) for it has been confirmed that the ECI had already sent a letter to the Governor to get the 12 MLAs disqualified. The Congress MLAs maintained that they could have spared the trouble of going to Delhi to meet the CEC had they known the ECI had already sent a letter to the Governor. It was on February 12 that the Supreme Court sent a directive to the ECI on the inordinate delay in disqualifying the 12 MLAs. However, it has turned out that the ECI had sent a letter to the Governor before February 12. As such, it has evoked a strong suspicion that the date of sending the particular letter may be manipulated, the Congress team alleged. Whatever may be the case, the inordinate delay in disqualifying the 12 MLAs who earlier served as Parliamentary Secretaries would be exposed to National media with the help of AICC leaders, they said.