Congress Seva Dal Organise Kisan Satyagraha – Dandi Yatra


A rally was held at Imphal in solidarity with Kisan Satyagraha- Dandi Yatra. The rally was organized by Manipur Pradesh Congress Seva Dal under the aegis of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee. The rally begins at 11:30 am from Congress Bhavan BT Road, Imphal via Kangla Gate, MG Avenue, Dharmshala, Kasturi Bridge, Naga Mapal, BT flyover and back to Congress Bhavan. The main theme of the rally this year was to commemorate the historic Dandi March (1930) that defied the colonial and discriminatory Salt Law which now have relevance with BJP’s anti farmer farm laws and other black laws. The white sahebs have gone and now the black sahebs are back in the guise of BJP to discriminate the people. The Congress had succeeded to expel the white sahebs in the past. Now, time has come again to fight and subdue the black sahebs. That is the reason why we celebrate Dandi March this year as Kisan Satyagraha-Dandi Yatra.

The rally was participated by Shri Hareshwar Goshwami General Secretary (Adm.) In-charge Seva Dal, Shri W.L. Hangshing, General Secretary, Shri P. Sharat Chandra Singh, Secretary in-charge Seva Dal, Smt. Th. Ithoibi Devi, Chief Organizer Seva Dal and office bears, Chiefs of Frontals/Depts MPCC and members also took part.