Manipur BJP chief spokesperson Ch Bijoy expelled from the party for six years

Manipur Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief spokesperson Chongtham Bijoy who is a 27-year-old member was expelled from the party for six years on Friday for alleged disciplinary breach.  
Bijoy reacted to his expulsion by alleging that the state BJP is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing and termed its members as all ‘nakali BJP’ (fake BJP) who only know how to get benefits behind the party.

An order issued by state BJP president A Sharda Devi mentioned that Bijoy was expelled from the primary membership of the party for six years with immediate effect for violation of the party’s rules and regulations under Article XXV, breach of discipline clause (b) and (d).

Bijoy told the media at his residence located at Lamphel that the reason for his expulsion as mentioned in the order was completely false and charged that he was expelled under vested interests.

Under the party’s constitution, it is mentioned that if a primary member is to be expelled, then certain procedures are to be followed. At first, an explanation call is to be made from the party against the said member; it should be discussed by the state disciplinary action committee and the findings are to be sent at the central disciplinary action committee, he said. By skipping all these procedures, the order was issued and there could be some conspiracy behind this from the big powers of BJP, he added.

He said that he recently announced that he will not support the BJP candidate of Uripok assembly constituency and will either cast his vote for NOTA or will not cast at all.

“I am very happy that I served BJP selflessly for the past 27 years,” Bijoy said.

Pointing out that the real BJP stands against black money, corruption and dynastic rule etc., he questioned whether the state BJP stands for the same.

“I am not against BJP but I am against the state BJP which are all made of fakes, and the original BJP has been suppressed by the ‘power mongers’ of the state BJP,” Bijoy alleged.

When he was a BJP ticket aspirant from Uripok assembly constituency, he had expressed in a public meeting that if he happened to be elected as representative with the support from the people, then he would first put all the individuals involved in corruption irrespective of political parties including BJP behind bars.

He alleged that regarding the denial of BJP ticket to him, he was informed that he is not rich and has less number of followers. “If that is the case, then why the BJP ticket was not given to BJP aspiring candidate of Keishamthong assembly constituency Nishikant Sapam who has money and many followers,” he said.

At a recent function, chief minister N Biren had expressed that the tickets were given to those who came to save the BJP party and not to those who tried to disintegrate the party, he added.

He stressed that in the last 27 years of his membership in BJP, he never tried to create any issues that may affect the government or the party.

State BJP has ‘double value’ and for Uripok assembly he will be supporting its JD-U candidate, he said.  “However, it does not mean that I will be joining the JD-U. Before joining any party, I will lodge a case against the state BJP,” he added.

He also challenged chief minister N Biren Singh on finding out whether his candidate or the JD-U candidate will get more votes. Who would receive the BJP ticket was already predetermined years ago, and the state BJP used the aspiring candidates to get their political mileage, alleged Bijoy.

JD-U candidate Kh Suresh, a BJP aspirant who was denied ticket, said that he will surely win the election with support from politicians like Ch Bijoy.
He appealed to the people to analyse all the candidates of the assembly constituency before casting their votes in order to elect the right candidate.

Source: Imphal Free Press